Circle of friends

In 2006, we founded the circle of friends. We, this are the Initiators Inge and Otto Warmbold and other members of the parish of Kruft-Nickenich.  We put the main focus on the AIDS orphans in the diocese of Moshi / Tansania enbabling them to have a better future.
Therefore we connect godparenthoods, we raise donations, we organize charity events whose revenues arrive at these children.
Our partner in Moshi is Reverend Aloyce Urio. As health Director of the diocese he is responsible for the orphans program.
Since our foundation we connected 100 godparenthoods and raised a six-digit amount hundreds of thousands. We are proud of that and this stimulates us to go on. Our support is still strongly necessary

Our focus: Charity Events

Once a year, we organize a charity event in our parish in Nickenich together with lots of volunteers. This takes place when reverend Urio is present. He reports on the field work.

Become a godparent

We are pleased about every support. The most projectible and secure support is a godparenthood. The amount of 25 Euro per month enables a child to visit school in Tansania because school fees are paid. School uniform and books are paid as well. If the girl or the boy lives in a foster family, they get a little amount to run the household.   The details of the support depend on the individual situation of the child. Are you interested to support a child? Please contact us

Your donation

Every donation is welcome – even a little amount can have enormous effects in one of the poorest countries of the world.
No expenses are incurred for administration. Your donation is 1:1 for the aids orphans in Moshi.
For sure, you can get a contribution receipt. This is possible because the Financial transactions are operated by the parish of Kruft-Nickenich.

Our donations accounts

VR Bank Rhein-Mosel eG
IBAN: DE79 5766 2263 0008 7150 00

Kreissparkasse Mayen
IBAN: DE98 5765 0010 0090 0004 31

Account owner: Kirchengemeinde St. Dionysius Kruft
Keywored: Aids orphans Tanzania

In Moshi / Tansania

Our contact person is Reverend Aloyce Urio. He is health Director of the diocese of Moshi. He is responsible for all health institutions including the rainbow centre. This is an NGO (non governmental organization) run by the diocese of Moshi concerning the fight against Aids / HIV – from prevention to care of the orphans.

Read more in our blog about our efforts and success.